Stolen or used?

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Stolen or used?

Pawn shops have been around from the earliest of times, tracing back to ancient roman times. To say the least it seems they are growing in popularity. Shows like Pawn Stars have been created to shine a light on collectors and the business of the pawning world. There are many perks to pawn shops, they allow people to get top dollar on their new and used items that they don’t want and offer a link to other customers looking for that products at a lower cost.

But there is still an issue many are concerned with about pawn shops and that is, stolen items being sold at pawn shops. When it comes to robberies the best way out is by selling the items that were stolen and many look to pawn shops to get rid of these stolen goods.

Robert Fischer from B/Back Pawn Brokers says it’s fairly easy to detect if the items taken to them are stollen or not. Fischer says that thieves don’t do the best job convincing them the item are theirs, also the store follows up the London Police to makes sure they aren’t taking in any stollen items.

Fischer reinsure that being a pawnbroker is an honest business, from providing people the right amount of money for their product to making sure items aren’t stolen. The stigma that pawnshops are linked to stolen goods shouldn’t be an issue anymore with businesses out there making sure every item taken in is from the owner themselves.

Pawnshop Stigmas

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