Western University get’s funky

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Uptown Funk has hit Western University.

Bruno Mars’ new hit song was featured in Saugeen Maitland Hall’s Lip dub and is gaining the views on YouTube.

Co-director Becky Jones says their floor loves getting together and doing stuff like this.

Co-director Samiya Hassan added it is something they can take away from first year and have as a memory they can keep forever

Promoter of the video Alex Prong says it was a bonding moment for the floor

It took Hassan and Jones about twenty to thirty hours this week, including rehearsals and filming

Jones says they tried to get everyone involved when it came to choreography and got the floor to add in a lot of their own ideas.

The video featured around 40 people.

Jones says they chose Uptown Funk because it’s a new hit song and thought everyone would enjoy it.

Hassan tells XFM News the challenging part to the video was containing everyone’s excitement and getting everyone in position.

A lip dub is done all in one take and the video took 5 rehearsals and 3 takes to get it perfect.

Hassan says there was a concern at the start it couldn’t happen with people’s school schedules but when the group pitched the idea people were generally excited about it.

Hassan adds they filmed it late at night to accommodate people’s schedules.

Jones says they wanted the video to represent the floor and the building and the Western spirit and hopes future students see the video and it shows them it’s a great place to go to school.

Hassan adds they implemented a no alcohol rule at all. The lyrics do say the word liquor but they used water when it came down to it.

Hassan notes even though there is reputations for Western being a part school they wanted to show the side of Western that is spirited and fun and inclusive.

The group adds they have had nothing but positive feedback about the video.

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