Fanshawe basketball teams win!

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Fanshawe basketball teams win!

Fanshawe men’s and women’s basketball teams came out victorious in their match ups against the Sault Cougars.

The men won handsomely 92-52,  The men’s head coach Tony Marcotullio still found some areas where the team needed to improve on.

“Its just about execution, I though we shot the ball well better than we had in a while. I didn’t like a weak side defense, I thought we were lacking.” 

One player who just could not miss was number 24 Ryan Pflanzner. He scored a game high 27, with seven three pointers, including 4 in a row to end the third quarter. Ryan says he just had the hot hand, as he said while his teammates jokingly making fun of him.

“I got hot and I just kept shooting it was pretty good.”

While the women won quite easily as well 71-39. Head coach Bill Carriere knows the team still has more to work on.

“Some girls are having a hard time communicating. We just put in a new defense where the girls aren’t communicating.” 

He added by the fourth quarter the girls eventually started to communicate, helping with the lob sided win.

The next games for both teams is February 1st, as they play the Sault Cougars once again in their last home game of the season.

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