Fanshawe basketball teams last home game

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Fanshawe basketball teams last home game

Fanshawe’s men’s and women’s basketball teams won their last home games of the year against the Sault Cougars. Yesterday’s game was the last home game, which saw seven players get honored before the game, as it will be their last season. The men were trailing at half but eventually turning it around to win 76-58. While the girls won very easily 76-25. Forward for the men Chris Stanhope says the agme say a lot of ups and downs.

At one point we were down in the first half, and we started getting at each other. We acme back and started rallying together,¬†positivity¬†, alot of positivity.”

 Two of the players honored, Larissa McBean and Stephanie Antwi say they will have lasting memories from their time here. As Larissa says the color red will always be in her mind, while Stephanie says friendship was the best memory.

“The color red is everywhere I’m probably never going to wear it ever again, I’m Kidding.”

“The friendships we build here is like crazy. Three years, three totally different teams and three years of great memories.”

Both teams still have great chances to go deep in the playoffs, but first a three game road trip to end the year.

The Seven players who were honored before the game:

  • Alicia Racine
  • Larissa McBean
  • Braedyn Ferguson
  • Stephanie Antwi
  • Kiera Serodio
  • Rachel Jaworowicz
  • Chris Stanhope

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