Educate yourself about coyotes in the Scenic City

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

While coyotes in the city may concern you, maybe they’ve always been there. Patrick Blewett is the Owner and Operator of Professional Wildlife Removal, he says “now with social media we just know they’re there.”

Blewett says within seconds anyone can see a tweet, which allows more individuals to become aware of coyotes.

He feels coyotes in the city should not be ignored, and says it’s essential to educate children.

For the most part coyotes are nocturnal, however sometimes they will travel during the day.

He says it’s important to monitor animals when they’re outdoors, and make sure you don’t leave other animals food outdoors.

The most recent reported coyote sighting was in Wortley Village, where London Police ended up shooting the coyote following several reports. There was also word it may have been rabid, as it had a very thin build.

Blewett says they are in the city and on the outskirts, he says if you come into contact with a coyote try to appear to be a bigger predator.

Do things like yelling “Hey, go, get out!” Blewett says doing so should scare the coyote off.

London offers an environment which coyotes enjoy with many rivers, Blewett says the coyote population seems to be going up and down as usual.

Educate yourself about coyotes in the Scenic City.

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