Getting active outdoors during the winter months

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You may prefer to be active indoors during the chilly winter months, however exercise outdoors is just as beneficial.

Program Manager at Fitness 101 Karen Nixon Carrol says any physical activity at all is great, although neither one necessarily produces the better outcome as it’s all based on each individual.

Nixon Carrol says if you’re accustom to running or biking during the summer months, you can still do so on many sidewalks throughout the city, however with the recent dumping of snow it may be a challenge.

Instead get a good pair of winter boots and snowshoe.

Nixon Carrol says there are other activities such as cross country skiing and skating which are great for exercise as well.

Victoria Park offers skating, and also has skates available for rent. If you’d like to get your snow shoes or cross country skies out Fanshawe Conservation Area is just minutes from Fanshawe College.

Nixon Carrol says “if you are heading outside for some exercise it’s important you dress properly and thoroughly warm up and cool down.”

She tells the X when working out outdoors in the cold temperatures it’s crucial you wear dry fit under layers, socks, gloves and a hat.

Dry fit prevents you from feeling cold after you’ve sweat from a work out.

Nixon Carrol says if you can wear a wind breaker as a top layer, and a neck warmer or balaclava over your mouth.

Many people find working out outdoors in the cold hurts their chest, as their bodies are not used to the cold air.

Paramedic Professor at Fanshawe College Pete Horenberg says that heavy feeling in your chest is caused by the cold air, which actually tightens your muscles and causes restrictions.

Horenberg says breathing through your nose instead of your month will help solve that chilly feeling in your chest, which usually is the number one factor why many people chose to stay inside or to workout indoors instead of outdoors during the colder months.

Getting active outdoors during the winter months

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