Working 9-5 May Not Be Working

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Working 9-5 May Not Be Working

A recent study has shown that sitting for an extended amount of time day in and day out can actually shave years off your life, even if you exercise regularly.

This is because the sitting position isn’t natural for the human body, it decreases circulation and has a variety of negative side effects. In addition, when sitting down most people sit incorrectly.

Chiropractor Dr. Shulman at Pure-Health here in London says that the issues from sitting down or texting for hours on end is becoming an alarming epidemic and is evident amongst most of the clinics patients. For example,  sitting at an office from 9-5 can be detrimental to the human body.

The two most common symptoms is a strained neck from craning forward toward a keyboard or tilting your head to craddle a phone while typing. Also, back pain from slouching forward…which results in a significant amount of injuries doing mundane activies because the back tenses and locks due to lack of movement.

In order to minimize the complications from sitting down for an extended amount of time Dr.Shulman suggests purchasing the neccesary equipment that can help alleviate stress on the body. This would include proper keyboards to cushion the wrists, and foam padding to put on your chairs to promote proper posture. However, some companies have been implenting stand-up desks which people are saying have been extremely helpful when getting through the work day pain free.

A study was also conducted that shows those who watch seven or more hours of television a day have a 61% greater risk of dying than those who watch one hour or less. Dr. Shulman says that when her clients ask for advice or tricks on how to prevent further issues, she suggests setting an alarm for a few times throughout the day to remind yourself to take a break and walk around/stretch. This will increase circulation and help increase concentration.

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