International Exchange Info Session: promoting students to set themselves apart in workforce

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As a part of their International celebrations this week, Fanshawe College is holding a campus wide information session promoting students to study abroad.

Anyone interested in an exchange is welcome to attend the event Wednesday from 1-2pm in H3027.

Why Travel Abroad?

Travelling abroad can be an excellent, affordable opportunity for students looking to improve their intercultural experience and foreign language skills.

Brianne Dos Santos is the International Projects & Exchange Coordinator at Fanshawe and says its a great way to set yourself apart from other graduating students! When travelling abroad, students expand their intercultural experience and foreign language skills, often setting them apart from others in the global workforce.

“The employers are looking for somebody who is able to demonstrate that they have that bit of bravery, of flexibility, of being able to move somewhere and get accustomed to another culture, another life, maybe another language.”

Financial Issues

Brianne adds that often, students don’t get involved because they think the trips are too expensive. However, Fanshawe does have an International Exchange Opportunity Scholarship of $2500, which often covers most of the expenses.

“Most often that helps those students to not only cover their flight, health insurance, and visa, but also some of their rent while they’re there.”

The information session will cover lots of information, including where students can go for semester long exchanges, cultural exchanges, and the difference between an exchange and an articulation.

Fanshawe Students mapping out their hometowns

Important Information:

What: International Exchange Information Session

When: Wednesday February 4th, 1-2pm

Where: Fanshawe College, H3027

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