Western’s Peer Support Network Reopens

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Western's Peer Support Network Reopens

The Peer Support Centre at Western University recently celebrated it’s grand reopening in the UCC. The office was originally located in the basement, but moved to the 2nd floor for easier access.

Emily Addison is the VP Internal for Western’s University Student Council and is responsible for advocating to Western administration on all issues effecting undergraduate student life. She says they also took this opportunity to revamp the environment.

“The way that the USC’s run it in the past, kind of became a little bit stale. I really wanted to reinvent the space and with that, I figured moving it would be that perfect push to get students excited again.”

The Peer Support Centre is the location where students can go if they’re looking for a peer to talk to and be connected to campus and community resources. The centre’s counterpart is the Peer Support Network, which aims to create a more accepting and welcoming atmosphere on campus.

There are 7 different outreach programs under the PSN including:

–       Ethnocultural Support Services

–       Women’s Issues Network

–       PrideWestern

–       Ally Western

–       Food Support Service

–       Health and Wellness Service

–       The “I Know Someone” Campaign


Having the Peer Support Centre open once again allows students to freely walk in whenever they’re looking for a peer to talk to or to be connected to community resources.

“You should be able to feel safe and get the education you deserve”, says Meghan Mann the Ally Western Coordinator, “why would you want to worry about who you are as a person when you’re trying to get an education.”

For students looking to connect or get involved, all of the network coordinators can be reached through their social media pages, the USC website, or USC VP Internal.

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