Safe shoveling

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Safe shoveling
The heavy snow means more risk for those who go out to shovel. The Ontario Chiropractic Association has some tips for those using a shovel for snow removal.
Don’t let the snow pile up: shoveling frequently means moving smaller amounts of snow at a time
Warm up before you start: a 10-15 minute walk and some light stretching can help prevent injury
Pick the right shovel: Use a lightweight pusher-type shovel. If you are using a metal shovel, spray it with Teflon first, so snow won’t stick to it.
Push, don’t throw: Always push the snow to the side rather than throwing it. Make sure to avoid lifting heavy shovelfuls of snow, and sudden twisting or turning movements.
Bend your knees: Use your knees and your leg and arm muscles to do the pushing and lifting, while keeping your back straight.
And Take Breaks: As soon as you feel tired or short of breath, stop and take a rest. Shake out your arms and legs. Stop shovelling immediately if you feel chest pain or back pain. If you have back pain that is severe or persists for more than a day after shovelling, see a chiropractor. If you have chest pain that is severe, see a medical doctor immediately.
Dress for the weather, rest if you’re tired, and stay hydrated.
Happy Shoveling!

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