Movies telling the story of black history month

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Movies telling the story of black history month

For black history month, the west mount public library is showing films. Movies that have been critically acclaimed like 42 and 12 years a slave. Alastair Neely works at the library and gets to choose the movies, he sees many people seem interested in coming out and enjoying some history.

“I should Alex Haley’s Roots a couple of years ago and its been out for 30 years, there was a good crowd for it. People want to come and see this historical information.”

Neely had a hard time trying to remember how long they have actually been doing this.

“Since the earlier nineties, so it’s been a good twenty years we have been showing films.”

Every Thursday of the month a new movie will be played such as 42 the story of Jackie Robinson, the lovely movie belle and will be finished by Beasts of the Southern Wild. There is also so much going on for the month, including a big celebration at Museum London and finished off by a huge Gala.

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