CCAC still on strike

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
CCAC still on strike

CCAC workers are still on strike, as today hits one week. They have been hoping for a new contract, but first they are just hoping to just start negotiations. So far not one attempt has been made, so many are still battling the cold. One person out is labor officer Diane Peckham just like many.. is frustrated.

“The respect isn’t there, the dignity isn’t there. We’re not asking for a lot, we’re asking for what the hospitals got, asking for what 57 thousand other members got.”

Kim Nicholls is also one of many outside everyday. The cold has been a factor but not one that seems to be troubling anyone.

“Well we all have warm hearts and we keep our spirits up to support each other, so we’re doing good.”

Many cars, vans and even a garbage truck were out honking… showing their support, which gives a lot of people the strength to stay out in the cold.


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