Fanshawe Men’s Volleyball team looks to spike in some wins

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Fanshawe Men's Volleyball team looks to spike in some wins

Fanshawe Men’s Volleyball team is hoping to set up some wins this weekend as they near the end of the regular season.

The Falcons are taking on Boreal on Saturday and Cambrian on Sunday.

Head Coach Patrick Johnston says the two teams they’re taking on will be absent from the post season.

“Cambrian has been playing especially well lately though. We want to take care of business and get those wins in our final stretch.

Coach Johnston wants to improve their offence before heading into the post season.

“Our defense is probably to best in the league right now, but we are going to run into some teams that we’re going to need to score some points on in order to win the game. This is our main focus down the stretch.”

Johnston says it’s important the team works together and stays focused.

“It’s an active learning process that all of the guys are involved and engaged in. Each day we have goals. Whether it is two or three small things we want to get 5% better at each day. That way it keeps us in control and working each day to get better.”

Johnston says the teams is together often to build up great morale.

“We went to Boston and New York City a couple weeks ago and hung out there 24 hours a day as a team. That four day trip defiantly helped us come together. We added a few new guys to the team after Christmas; it was a great time to help us bond a bit.

Fanshawe has three games until they hit the post season.

Their final regular season game is on the 14th versus Humber, here at Fanshawe.

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