Intramurals at Fanshawe

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Fanshawe College has many opportunities available around the school to help students manage academic related stress.

One of the most popular avenues for stress relief is physical exercise, which is why Fanshawe provides facilities for students to take part in intramurals. Many students wonder if it’s possible to fit intramurals into their daily routine while balancing a full work load. Fanshawe student Ozzy Lima, captain of his intramural team says it helps him stay focused when sitting in class and completing homework.

“An hour of my day is not too much to sacrifice and it definitely makes school work a lot easier”

Games usually run under one hour to allow students to play during their breaks between classes. “It’s great because I get to release that stress somewhere, and what better way to do it than physical exercise. The school offers it so why not take advantage”

Fanshawe’s co-ed intramurals require a minimum of one girl per team. This year the female turn out has been higher than previous years and many of the officials who spoke to XFM say it’s great to see the girls come out. “They go just as hard and don’t want the guys to let up on them so it creates a really fun and competitive atmosphere” says intramural official Robert Rain.

Fanshawe offers many different intramurals to try and appeal to the variety of students and their interests. This year, the intramural conveners of the athletic department are coordinating over 500 students per semester.  Student organizer Laura Cuthbertson says it’s important for students to get involved because its social and interactive and gives students an opportunity to meet new people while taking part in some healthy competition.

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