Silent Auction for Mary-Lynn raises $3500

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Silent Auction for Mary-Lynn raises $3500

Fanshawe’s own Bsair family is fighting for their daughter who suffers from a rare form of brain cancer.

Mary-Lynn Bsair was diagnosed with the inoperable DIPG-type 4 multiforme brain tumor in October and has increasingly seen its effects everyday. The tumor effects the brain’s nerves to cancel out signals that communicate to the rest of her body and has left her in a wheelchair, unable to play or walk like she used to just a few months ago.

 “We pray that she’s going to make it,” says her father, Jeries Bsair, “we’ve been told there is a 5% chance that she’s going to survive and make it.” 

The community has been extremely helpful raising additional funds towards medical treatments that healthcare does not cover. The most recent effort was a silent auction during Parent Teacher Interview night at St. Kateri Catholic School that raised over $3,500!

Christine Gells is one of the Parent Council Committee members and helped set up the silent auction. She said local businesses were extremely supportive donating everything from spa gift baskets, London Lightning tickets, toy gift baskets, a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, and more!

“We all have to pull through for this family. It’s important to show any way you can to care and be there for other people.”

Mr. Heffernan is the Principle at St. Kateri Catholic School and has offered continuous support to Mary-Lynn and the family. He says the children have completed a “Change Bucket Challenge” that raised almost 2,000 dollars towards supporting Mary-Lynn’s medical expenses. 

“Just watching these two parents work so tirelessly for their daughter. Mary Lynn’s blessed” says Principle Heffernan.

Jeries Bsair works at Chartwell’s Dining Services on Fanshawe Campus and couldn’t be more thankful for the community’s support and efforts in raising donations.

“It’s so stressful to think about these numbers – money, that we do not have” says Jeries, “that means a lot to us because it makes us feel that we are not alone.”

Those looking to donate can do so in the bins around Fanshawe campus or at

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