Winterlicious hits London

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Winterlicious hits London

If you’re feeling like taking a night out on the town you’ll want to take a look at Winterlicious, Londonlicious’ winter edition.

Londonlicious is a festival held twice annually, once in the summer and once in the winter, offering 3-course meals at great prices. With over 30 restaurants participating over 8 years, Londonlicious encourages locals to go out and try new spots.

” Londonlicious is designed to indulgent in life, get out and enjoy life, try some new restaurants. Our catch phrase is call a baby ¬†sitter, get a cab and live it up.” said Andy Wilson, Londonlicious Organizer.

When you show up at designated Londonlicious restaurant your receive two menus, the Londlicious menu and the normal menu. Londonlicious’ set menu prices range from 25-40 dollars for dinner and 15-25 dollars for lunch.

But Londonlicious doesn’t only help out the customers, it also makes an impact on London’s hospitality industry as a whole.

“I think Londonlicious has a great impact on business during a time of year when people aren’t necessarily thinking of going out, it’s a good chance to try a new place and have a full dining experience.” said Matt Eberheart, Food and Beverage Manger at Crossings- Lambeth.

Londonlicious’ winter edition runs from January 23rd to February 8th, and the summer edition runs from July 19th through August 11th.

For a list of participating restaurants you can visit the Londonlicious website.

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