Will you be my valentine ?

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Will you be my valentine ?

Valentine’s Day is a day about spending time with your significant other and showing how much you appreciate and love them. With that comes flowers, chocolate and romantic nights out. Since Valentine’s day is only a few days away I wanted to see if any Fanshawe College students have been struck by cupid early. Just after a few minutes in interviewing people I realized that no one was in the Valentine’s Day spirit. I was getting pretty much the same response over and over.

Many Fanshawe students felt that Valentine’s day was just another day, some even said that the holiday has been “blown out of proportion”. Chris Powers from the Civil Engineering Technology program said that “It’s a made up hallmark holiday….. it’s just someday thats  arbitrarily picked to show extra compassion to someone in particular, why not show that all the time.” Shannon D’neen from Law Clerk says that “It doesn’t mean much to me since I don’t have a significant other.” These were the two kind of responses I was getting, students thought Valentine’s Day in a way shouldn’t just be for one day or others just didn’t care much about the day because they aren’t in a relationship.

But, many like Chris Powers are right, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t give couples a reason to go out and do something special for your loved one, or show their significant other how much they care. It should be expressed and shown on a day to day basis because that’s what true love is all about.

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