Where is London’s top Karaoke?

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

If you’re thinking of taking a night out on the town, and wanting to get away from the normal bar scene, maybe karaoke’s for you.

London is home to the infamous Richmond Row, a street in the heart of the city offering pubs, stores, restaurants, clubs, bars and of course, karaoke. And if you want the busiest karaoke spot on the Row, then head to Molly Bloom’s Pub– a karaoke hotspot for students, amateur singers, locals, and anyone looking to sing away their troubles.

“It’s like we have a live band up there. Everybody gets right into everyone else’s singing, they dance on the dance floor, they go nuts for their friends. Its just a really good time.” said Phil Brazzle, General Manager of Molly Bloom’s.

Molly Bloom’s hosts karaoke every Sunday and Monday night over the past 14 years, with a song list that never seems to end.

“We have every type of music, every song that’s out there, our music manager keeps a really good library. He tries his best to keep the library updated, so the newest songs on the radio you can come in and sing.” said Brazzle.

While other locations around the city offer karaoke, Molly Bloom’s synergy of a classic pub atmosphere with their ideal location on Richmond Row, along side their never ending song list, seems to offer karaoke lovers exactly what they’re looking for.

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