Protecting our Great Lakes

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Protecting our Great Lakes

New legislation is being introduced by the liberal government that aims to protect our Great Lakes.

The government says this legislation recognizes the importance of the environment, economy, and health of Ontarians.

Since 2007, Ontario has committed more than 125 million to over 1,000 Great Lakes Projects.

If this Great Lakes Act is passed it would:

-Help fight climate change, reduce harmful algal blooms, and protect wetlands and other coastal areas.

-Monitor and report on the health of the Lakes.

-Build on Ontario’s leadership in protecting the Great Lakes, including our Great Lakes Strategy and partnerships with Canada, Quebec, U.S.A., and the Great Lakes states.

According to the Government of Ontario’s release, The Great Lakes provide more than 80 percent of Ontario’s drinking water and are extremely important for the economic prosperity of the province.


To learn more about the Great Lakes and what the Government is doing to protect our natural water sources you can click here.


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