Take the proper precautions when leaving this reading week

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
As you pack your bags for a week off lock your doors and windows and maybe even have automatic lights.
Glenn Matthews is the Housing Mediator for Western and Fanshawe, he advises students who are leaving for reading week to stay clear of being an easy target.

Matthews says if you’re leaving for the week or any period of time  it’s important to close all curtains, having a timer on a radio or a light, and locking windows and doors.

He adds if you know a friend that lives nearby is staying over the break ask them to keep an eye on your house, and to maybe even drive in and out of your driveway, the marks in the snow will make it seem like your home.

Western University’s reading week was this past week, and Fanshawe College’s starts February 23rd.

Matthews says he isn’t aware of any break-ins near Western’s Campus, however he adds most thieves are aware that students have these breaks during the year.

He says it might sound kind of funny, but don’t make your house look like a student house. Matthews says adding things like flags and posters puts a bulls-eye on your house labeling it as a student house.

If you return back to London and believe someone has broken in, report it to the police right away.
Matthews also says if your leaving for the week and plan on saving on your utility bill, make sure you don’t turn your heat all the way off.

He says your pipes may freeze, resulting in damage that will come out of your pocket to fix.

If you’re leaving for the week take the proper precautions to best prevent your house from being broken into.

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