What’s going on with Lorne Avenue Public School?

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What's going on with Lorne Avenue Public School?

No one knows exactly.

Bishop Townshend school, which will be re-named, will house the students of Lorne Avenue Public school as it is set to close- when this will happen, no one knows.

Students are being sent home with a letter for their parents vaguely outlining the future of Lorne Ave.

Principal of Lorne Ave David Ennis says the board needs to get everything in order with Bishop Townshend before the ministry will release the money needed for it’s renovation. Only after the renovations are complete, Lorne Ave kids will make the switch.

It looks as though the switch will not happen this school year. Many questions are still up in the air.

Ennis says, “How many students, we don’t know, for how long, we don’t know, because… we don’t know. It depends on how quickly the ministry grants us the money.”

How quickly the money is granted depends on how quickly everything is sorted out with Bishop Townshend. Once the money is ready, who knows how long the renovations will take? Depending on how early the renovations can begin, weather is a big factor in the process. As of right now, Bishop Townshend is not big enough to accommodate the students of Lorne Ave and so the renovations are a must.

It is a possibility that the students could make the switch come  fall, even if it is in the middle of the school year.

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