London Comic Con returns in September

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

After a successful first year, the London Comic Con returns in 2015.

Organizers have already  announced that Ron Perlman, known for starring in Hellboy as well as the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy, will be at the show.

Andrew Kitt is one of the organizers for the show and he says there will be plenty more announced in the near future.

“People can look forward to more great stars from your favourite movies and TV shows. We have a lot in the works to be released shortly. Some people are on board and ready to go, just confirming their shooting schedules so there is no conflict in the fall.”

Kitt is excited to be a part of giving what he calls the “geek culture” a show they can all enjoy.

“It’s about bringing the whole experience to southwestern Ontario. To do something that rivals Toronto. Our whole approach to this comic con is not to do a London version of a comic con. We’re doing something to rival all comic cons. We may not be Toronto. We may not have the mass population. But what we lack in size we are going to double the value for people attending the show.”

Kitt adds that shows in such big markets tend to have some drawbacks.

“A lot of times their Q&A sessions are behind closed doors. Sometimes it’s a shame because as a fan you go and you want to see these people. Sometimes the room is at capacity and you can’t get in. One thing we’re doing is we are going to have a central stage in the middle of the show floor where the Q&As will happen. Basically if you’re at the show and you look up, no matter where you are you’re going to see and hear our favourite stars.”

The show runs from September 25-27 at the Western Fair District’s Progress Building. For ticket info and more details on the show, you can visit their website here.

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