Coldest Night of the Year

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

It may be cold in London, but at least you have a home to stay warm in.

That can not be said of some residents of London who are currently homeless and living in this cold weather. The Mission Services of London is built to help those people that are in need of a home or some warm food.

The annual Coldest night of the year walk was held on Saturday in support of Mission Services in 80 communities across the country. In London the organizers said that they were expecting around 200 people to take part in the walk.

The weather wasn’t as threatening as it was the past couple weeks in London as people from all over London bundled up and braved the cold air. Executive director of Mission Services in London Peter Rozeluk said “they hold this event in order for people to experience what it is like to walk around outside in the cold so they can realize how some people deal with it daily.”

The goal for the event was to raise $60 thousand dollars in order to help the cause but they were also trying to get people more aware of what mission services does for people in the city. They did this by posting signs along the walking area for people to look at while they walked in order to get them informed as to the statistics about homelessness in not only London but the country.

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