E-recycling in London,On

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E-recycling in London,On

Its 2015 and you might the best computers or phone in the market, but as we all know that won’t last longer,  WHY? well there is iPhone also every 6 months, a new  computer software that its supported to change everything  and sadly that’s a cycle that won’t stop.  and all these constant chances leads us, the customers, to be willing to upgrade our electronic devices more often.

At the same , its more common to have an old computed in you house without knowing the benefits that recycling it could bring you and environment.

In fact, 90 percent of computers parts can be recycled and they have some of the most valuable elements in the modern world.

In London there are over 20 drop-off locations willing to accept your old computers and send them to be processed.

Technician in solid wasted management Erin Helm explains how the city of london helps in the recycling of E-waste.

The city of London participates as collector in the Ontario Recycling Stewardship by providing 3 drop-off locations to recycle old electronics”   https://www.london.ca/residents/Garbage-Recycling/Recycling/Pages/Depots.aspx

 Helm also says electronics the message city hall has been trying to spread is that E-waste MUST be dropped at special drop-off locations.

City hall also work with local recycling companies to be able to have a wider range of collection of old electronic devices. Try recycling is one of the companies helping the city of London to send The e-waste to be processed.

Try recycling vice presidents Rick Vander-luis explains how computer parts are recycled

 “the electronics are send to be process, the metals get recovered from the computers. the plastic gets grounded up and it’s returned into plastic manufactory”  http://ecyclepledge.recycleyourelectronics.ca/EcyclePledge.pdf

Vanderluis also says in last 3 to 4 years e-recycling has become popular in the city as people got used to do the environment friendly thing.

Now remember if you’re planning to get a new computer or phone, make sure to recycle to one you are about to stop using. Recycling keeps the city clean and how know you can make some money .

E-recycling in London

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