Your dream house could be where you least expect it.

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Your dream house could be where you least expect it.

Photo: Jhordan Dennis

Mortgages, up keep, and bills never sound very appealing to anyone. But when you throw in a community that works together as a team and wants to have a better quality of life, well that may make a neighborhood more appealing. There is one Village in London but it tends to have a bad rap.


Old East Village has deep roots with London when it joined the Forest City in 1875, but when the late 1970’s hit it started to feel the economic blow back of loosing vital business like ¬†Hudson Bay’s company, Post offices and many more.


It is on the mend though, and taking the title of an Artisan district. It is rich and full of culture and supports London by having local business supply all your basic living necessities.


Caroll Hallford has been a resident in Old East Village  for 40 years and says that the apparent rough neighborhood she lives in is anything but that. That everyone in the community treats it like a home no matter what their social status is. And the only difference is that they deal with their problems head on.


It is constantly expanding and changing for the better,take a walk through the village yourself or check out the slide show below of a few neat features of the community.


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