Gender-neutral washrooms

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Gender-neutral washrooms

Beal Secondary Public school just took a huge step for LGBTQ community acceptance. With the school’s new gender-neutral washroom, students can go to the washroom without being labeled. Some schools have designated certain washrooms as gender-neutral but Beal has officially implemented one.

“…this is a washroom with many stalls in it not a single washroom” says Toni Wilson, Learning Coordinator for Safe Schools.
Students attend GSA conference every spring to share ideas and express their needs. From these meetings, the washroom was implemented and is making a big difference in school life.

Wilson says they haven’t received any negative feedback on the washroom, but they are prepared.

“… in terms of competing rights for students, of course that is a consideration, but if that takes place we will do our best to meet the needs of all of our students.”

Wilson believes more schools will follow suit with the gender-neutral washroom and help make students as comfortable as possible.


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