Warmer temperatures are on the way!

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Warmer temperatures are on the way!

Mother Nature is giving London a little bit of a break from the harsh winter weather, and it should hopefully last for awhile!

Starting Sunday, temperatures are predicted to be in the positives, reaching as high as 8 degrees on Tuesday and 10 on Wednesday. The rest of the month is looking to be quite hopeful as well, with temperatures hovering around and above zero. The predicted lows for this week won’t be far off either, hovering anywhere between -10 and above for the forecast.

So, is this weather here to stay?

Peter Kimbell is the Warning Preparedness Meteorologist at Environment Canada and says it’s often hard to predict temperatures far in advance. While temperatures do look positive for the near future, he wouldn’t want to rule out colder temperatures for good.

“By Monday, we should be into the plus 3, plus 5 range, so much more pleasant,” says Kimbell, “when we talk about longer term, of course, it gets much more uncertain.”

Kimbell wouldn’t go as far as saying this is the beginning of spring, but adds that it certainly is a nice change.

“There is a possibility that by the end of next week and into the early part of the third week of March, we may be in for a more sustained period of warmer temperatures” he says, “it’s still early yet, we’ll just have to wait and see”.

Normal temperatures for this time of year sit anywhere from the 2-10 degree mark.


Forecast provided by Environment Canada.

2 week trend

Forecast provided by Weather Network.

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