77th London Farm Show

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

2015 London Farm Show

The Western Fair district played host to the 77th annual Farm show which brings farmers and farm enthusiasts down to check out the latest gear from their favorite companies as well as learn a little bit more about farming from the over 360 vendors.

The slogan for this years show is “Grow every year” and that is what each vendor took into consideration as they showed off some large farming equipment from the likes of manufacturers like John Deere, Monsanto as well as some other larger names.

John Deere has always been a large name in Ontario and has been showing off at the Farm show for at least 50 years. Patrick Potalinsky who works as a sales rep at John Deere says that the booth that they were showing was busy right from the very beginning of the show which started last Wednesday and ended on Friday.

With the theme of growing and improving resonating through the venue during the show every farmer was looking for the latest technology and the improvements that farmers want and need.

One of the bigger signs of the future of farming was at the GPS Ontario booth where they were showing off as system specialist Jordan Wallace called it a “complete solution”. What he meant by that is a way for technology to control how the equipment does the job in order to allow more multitasking to get the jobs done faster.

Jordan also mentioned what he thinks will be the future of farming and he said that it is drone technology to help survey fields and also potentially complete other tasks.

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