Relationship between construction worker and driver

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

They’re everywhere in the city, especially here in London. Construction workers work long hours, in hot or cold and in some cities overnight. Road workers though seem to get all the hassle, as many drivers aren’t to fond of having to wait for a long period of time, just to pass. Luciano and Stefano Caranci are father son who work for J Franze concrete. They have seen it all from gestures to harsh words. Luciano has been in the industry for 25 years so he is quite common with the relationship between worker and driver.

“You get a lot of name calling, a lot of gestures with the hands and most don’t want the work being done in front of their house.”

In some cases for Stefano it really makes his job a chore.

“We’re standing their and someone yells cement ruck and we all kinda look at each other, like who wants to go get it and deal with the traffic.”

Both get frustrated from all this, Luciano has been in the business long enough to ignore it but, both would like a chnace to sit down and tell the people, their here to do their job not ruin their day. Stefano used the word understanding to best summarize it.

“It’s not up to us that we come in here and start ripping the street up, it’s been planned and we’re doing it for a reason.”

The relationship between the two groups is one that would definitely see counselor. The Caranci’s both understand you are in a rush, but want you to understand their doing their job and you can easily just avoid whole ordeal by taking another street.

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