London looking at culture districts

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

London in 2016 will be host to the Canadian Country awards, hoping to bring up to six to eight million dollars. One councilor is trying to make culture districts in the city, ahead of the awards. Mo Salih wants to change bylaws of time music can be played and how loud it can be too, all over the city, making an entertainment district.

“You have music, the nightclubs, the restaurants if you really start to focus their. Maybe some of the rules the bylaws in that area might be different.”

Mary Jane Renwick is a manger at Old South Village pub. They have a patio where during the summer months they do play music. She doesn’t see the bylaws we have now as something that is in dire need of change.

“When we do have are bands on the patio during the summer we don’t have any complaints. But they probably keep it down because they are on the street.”

There are people who will appose the idea of changing the bylaws, really focusing on the entertainment district.They don’t want the sound higher than 90-db or past 11 pm. Salih knows that they can still find a medium.

“My goal isn’t to upset people, my goal is to make sure that I fulfill my commitments to Londoners which is to address the issues to the campaign, address the issues of the economy and this is one step in the right direction.”

The city will be looking for potential targets, neighborhoods that can have these bylaws changed. From Victoria park to around Budweiser Gardens, to Richmond row. It still has to be approved by council. Mo Salih’s final words though when asked about bringing the districts in. “When people come here we also want them to leave with a positive experience.”

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