What is improv

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Shut the front door is a Improv group made up of 6 actors soon to be more, who perform non-scripted comedy shows. There most recent show was nightmare on Colbourne street, where they had a haunted comedy session, in front of a packed crowd. Jim Kelly is one of the improvisers and explains that any of their shows are made up of different games.

“We’ll do about 10-12 different games kinda depends on how the night goes, some are longer some are shorter.”

Sam tall is one of the creators of shut the front door, he used to be a stand up comedian. One day he had an idea to try and get more involvement from the audience, so he thought….Improv. Improv to him is more funny and just so much more entertaining for him and the crowd.

“You have a crowd that is ready to participate, they want to clap they want to scream they want to almost put themselves on stage.” 

Taylor Axford is another improviser and he says that himself and his fellow comedians are there to give the crowd a good laugh.

“That’s what it’s all about really off the bat getting them into it, getting them excited, getting them laughing and they’ll have a good time.”

They play many games from doing scenes of first dates from couples in the crowd, to letting people from the crowd do the sound affects and there is a lot of singing. Just so many different types of skits.

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