Benefits of musical instruments

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Benefits of musical instruments


“Without music, life would be a mistake” –  Friedrich Nietzsche

When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, That activity becomes the equivalent of a full-body workout in our brains.In fact, learning to play a musical instrument improves your coordination, your reading skills And increases the capacity of our brains. The list of benefits 

Benefits while learning

Music lessons have lots of benefits for a child it improves academic skills, as playing musical instruments and math are highly correlated. The student has to learn about beat, rhythm, scales, and also understand the different note values. Music lessons also help in the development of eye-hand coordination.

 ” When you are playing a musical instrument, you are thinking about 5 things at the same time. You are thinking about muscle coordination, timing, it’s kind of you are reacting to all you need to convey”. Steve Malison, Coordinator of Music Industry Arts (MIA)

Music lessons also help a child to be more social,because music helps to release stress, boosts self-esteem and introduce children to other cultures. Other people think, music lessons can prevent mental illness.

 ”  I am convinced that if people as an adult takes music lessons there is a very good chance they can prevent cases of alzheimer or dementia.” Paul Plumb, owner of Plumb Pianos.

 Benefits of playing an instrument

The main benefit is the enjoyment of hearing what you are playing, also playing the drums, for example, is a great exercise for our brains.

 ” People who play instruments, perform better on tests, they perform better in school, as well as work. ” Paul Plumb, owner of Plumb Pianos.

A study at the University of Toronto, found a slight increase in the IQs of 6-year-olds who play musical instruments at least once a week. The children’s IQs were tested before entering the first grade, then again before entering the second grade.

Playing an instrument also improves your multitasking skills, and teaches you discipline and never to give up on project.

How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins

In Your Backyard: Benefits of Musical Instruments

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