City of London allowing drivers to reuse Pay ‘n’ Display receipts

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

There’s a new parking initiative in London that will make the Downtown a lot more accessible.

The new program allows customers to re-use Pay ‘n’ Display parking receipts at any other meters in the city if there is still time remaining.

“This is giving people the opportunity to move around and go to two or three different locations,” says Manager of Municipal Law Enforcement, Annette Drost.

Drivers are able to reuse the receipts at other Pay ‘n’ Display meters across the city, or even individual coin meters. Drost says these new rules allow for more versatility and payment options.

“With individual meters, you can’t get a receipt to take back to work or for income tax purposes,” says Drost. “With the master meter receipt, it also allows you to pay with your credit card as oppose to individual meters.”

However, one rule to keep in mind is that the receipt can only be reused at on-street parking meters, and not city parking lots.

“For instance, you can’t purchase a receipt from Budweiser Gardens’ parking lot and then use that on the street,” says Drost. “It can only be used for that parking lot.”

And with all this talk about the benefits of master meters, the City of London is in the process of making a big change. The city is in the process of removing several hundred coin meters in the city and replacing them with more Pay ‘n’ Display meters.

Drost says police officers have been notified of the new change, and when out and about, they will be looking at both the meter and your windshield before issuing a ticket.

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