Smartphone competition on the rise with upcoming Apple Watch

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Smartphone competition on the rise with upcoming Apple Watch

The very first iPhone was released in 2007, which is the same year the operating system Android was announced.

We’ve come a long way in the past 8 years. Technology is moving faster and faster each year.

Just recently, Apple held an announcement event to introduce their newest MacBook, talk about some exciting new toolkits for healthcare professionals and announce the release of the Apple Watch.

Apple is taking its first step into wearables with the new line of Apple Watches. Local iOS developer Forrest Chauvin with Inner Geek is excited for the release of the device.

“I think it’s going to be successful. I mean anything Apple releases will do well. But I am excited to see how the watch will work and how the apps will be integrated.”

There’s been a lot of big news from Apple about their upcoming smartwatch but Android hasn’t been lost in the mix. In fact just minutes before the Apple Announcement that featured the new gadget, Android posted a promo video with the message “Be together, not the same”.

Android is known for its customizable platform. It has endless varieties of smartwatch designs and ability to create a personalized smartphone experience.

Google has been perfecting their smartwatch technology and recently released an update for their operating system. Google Spokesperson Leslie Church explains why the update is big.

“It started as a bold idea and now we’re excited to release Lollipop, as we like to call it. We name all of our updates after tasty treats. It will be a more user oriented experience with HD voice calling and smoother WiFi connection.”

We often hear people talking about switching from Apple to Android or from Android to Apple and loving their decision.

Nathan Brant is a salesperson who has worked with both Apple and Android products. He says he sees more people with a preference for Android.

“I think it’s because people like how flexible the platform is. It’s really just an open ecosystem for users to create and display their content. Android lets people be unique.”

Apple and Android users fight fiercely to defend their smartphone and to promote it to others. When two major competitors almost entirely control a market, we usually see extreme divides between their clients.

Brant believes, “we should be taking a closer look at how a brand influences our social lives and how deeply its values are rooted in us.”

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