Graduate Chooses Diploma over Masters

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Graduate Chooses Diploma over Masters

With the upcoming technology Health Science is an expanding field and an ideal degree.

However, it’s common that future employers look for those who have gone on to get a masters degree in the field.

Health Science graduate at Western University, TJ Bonnel, says after graduating with his degree he decided to further his education in a college nursing program instead.

“You get to do more hands on stuff by helping people in a more practical way” he says.

The application based teaching methods offered at a college institution has also been gaining popularity amongst high school students, as enrollment in college as opposed to university has increased over the past few years.

“With the hands on experience it’s more of a guaranteed job…they know they can throw you into the water and you’d swim, not sink” Bonnel says with a laugh.

Bonnel adds for those who love to be kept busy, there is a lot of opportunities available to travel the world through volunteer nursing programs.

Many graduates in the same position as Bonnel say starting off in a Health Science degree is a perfect basis for those who are showing interest in becoming a nurse.

This is because many of the courses such as anatomy and physiology have applicable knowledge, along with how money is allocated for the different hospital’s departments.

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