Dangerous new drug hits London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Dangerous new drug hits London

London Police are turning attention to a new street drug called “Shatter”.

The drug is a form of concentrated marijuana extract, and carries a much high potency than an average marijuana cigarette.

The drug is created through extracting marijuana plant chemicals, then purifying it through a chemical process using butane.

” There was an indecent approximately a year ago, where there was a marijuana extraction lab that resulted in the explosion of a townhouse unit. That is an example of what can occur during the process of making Shatter.” said Constable Ken Steeves.

The finished product resembles a melted caramel substance that can harden and crack.

  • Shatter’s THC content – 70-80 per cent
  • Average marijuana cigarette THC content- 5-8 per cent

Shatter hasn’t been a drug prevalent in London, and authorities say the drug is new to the city this year.

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