Tampon Tuesday

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Tampon Tuesday is a networking event here in London that also benefits the Food Bank.

Jane Roy co-executive director at the London Food bank says it is  is a monthly event where women around London get together and network, however admission is by donation of a feminine hygiene product which gets donated to the food bank

The campaign started six years ago when CTV London was discussing how they could be involved in a spring food drive and noticed a lack of feminine hygiene products on the shelves

Roy says the event increases the awareness   that the food bank isn’t just food.  It also increases the awareness that people who are struggling spend money on all kinds of things they need like toiletries.

The food bank has also received large donations of products from cooperate sponsors.

Roy says it’s important that they always have full shelves.

Currently, there is a bill being passed around the House of Commons to make feminine hygiene products tax free. That bill was brought forward by London Fanshawe NDP Irene . Roy says the idea of tax free is to make things that are essential tax free and to make sure there isn’t an extra burden for things that are essential.

Roy says it can get incredible expensive as it is a monthly expense

Next month’s event on April 14th will mark the 6th anniversary of the event from 5pm to 7pm and will be at London Food Bank. Roy encourages men and women to come to the event.

In the last 6 years over forty two thousand feminine hygiene products have been collected and over thirty five hundred dollars have been raised.

The campaign has also spread outside of London to Windsor, Barrie, Toronto & most recently Montreal.

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