Is paintball as dangerous as some may think?

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Paintball is considered a sport, hobby activity as well as dangerous. The goal of paintball is not to get hit. The paint moves very fast and some are nervous of playing due to the fact of pain they think will come from it. There are a lot of age restrictions all over the world including Australia, Argentina and Germany. Here in Canada you can play at the age of 10. Now people hear that and panic but Ryley Bonk, who is famous for wearing a banana suit while playing, tried the game at the same age and has been playing ever since.

“I find that most people don’t want to try it because it’s going to hurt, I’m going to get injured. It’s like no your not.”

Bonk has mentioned past injuries occurring with the game from, cracked ribs, bruises and welts. All of those he said was his own fault. To him and many it’s a game where if you follow the rules nothing will happen. It can though get dangerous if you don’t follow the rules.

“Your going to get injured if you do something your not supposed too. Say like take off your mask during a game because if you get a paintball to the eye your probably not going to use that eye again.”

Nick Eli works at Flagswipe Paintball and he has heard all the cliches of paintball. Well him and his staff make the game very safe with clear and easy to follow rules for the players.

“You have referees on the field with you who before you ¬†get on the field go through all the safety rules. We have rules about shooting to close, blind firing, so that people are playing safely.”

With all the rules and safety codes there is always the chance a freak accident can happen, as with any physical activity. As for the pain people imagine comes with it, Bonk says imagine stubbing your toe, eventually you get used to it.

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