Golf season almost in full swing

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Golf Season Almost Open

Whether you are the next Tiger Woods or the next Maurice Flitcroft you are probably excited about the nice weather meaning that the golf season is close to being a go.

Canadians are pretty good at doing pretty much anything in the snow but golf is one of those things that just doesn’t work in the middle of December. So what is the golf season in the forest city. Manager of the city of London golf program Steve Bennett says that a normal golf season is “between about the beginning of April to the beginning of November”. Steve also says that “it can vary depending on the weather, if the weather gets good earl on then we could start in March but it could also end up beginning at the end of April.”

The weather plays a huge part in the opening of a golf course for the golf season. The weather has to be moderately warm as the greens have to be somewhat warm so that the frost melts away and the greens don’t get marked by people walking across the course. As well the snow has to be all gone as nothing is harder to find then a white golf ball in the white snow.

But when the weather is nice enough to potentially open the courses then they send out the workers to go out and clear up the grounds of all debris and potential damage that is caused by the winter. In order to do that the course need to hire people to work at the courses this year and that goes from people working on the grounds to the people that are selling the drinks in the clubhouse.

Steve also mentioned that they also have to allocate the budget that is set forward for the golf course and they have to seperate the money there for the areas on the golf course that they feel need it the most like the pro shop and the clubhouse which are two of the bigger functions on the golf courses around the city.

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