Say Yes 2 The Dress Fanshawe

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

High school prom is just around the corner and for many that means a perfect expensive dress.  But what happens when you can’t afford that dress? That’s when say yes 2 the dress Fanshawe is for. The club at Fanshawe is collecting old prom dresses to give out to students in London.

Lena Turnball is the president of the club and says they have reached out to community partners asking for donations and have multiple posts on kijiji and social media asking for dresses.

Turnball says they are running a dress drive at Fanshawe April 10th and 17th   from 9am to 3 pm in front of the book store hoping to collect dresses then

There is also a dress pick up happening March 29th in the afternoon and evening for people who don’t want to bring their dress to the school and the club will pick it up. You can email for more information.

The president of the club says they have had a good response from the community.

She says they are accepting donations right up until April 22nd

Any dress from a semi-formal to formal will be accepted unless there is major damage to it.

Turnball says it is good to have a variety of dresses as people like different things

Originally the group was working with five high school’s here in London, however they have had students from outside of those school’s contacting them.


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