Harry Rosen visits Fanshawe College

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Harry Rosen visits Fanshawe College

Harry Rosen, founder of the Canadian retail chain Harry Rosen Inc., visit Fanshawe and talk to fashion merchandise students. In his first visit to the college,Rosen talked about his journey through the Fashion industry and give some advice to the students.

Once Rosen finished his speech, students gave him a big round of applause and had the opportunity to ask some questions. Overall, the questions period was focus on marketing strategies and the changes in the retailing industry.

 ” I set a short term goal for myself, and when I got the opportunity to pursue them I set a new goal. I just managed to adapt to each level of growth that I achieved, and managed to never alienate with my important customers in the process.” Harry Rosen.

 Harry Rosen Inc.

Harry Rosen founded his company in 1954 with a small store in Toronto. His goal was to approach the menswear market with a brand that can adapt to any change in the industry.

Nowadays, he owns 16 stores in the seven major markets in the Country and he’s known as one of the most successful retailers in the country.

“Our connection with Ralph Laurence gave us the opportunity to serve the complete needs of our customers but it also helped us to expand to other markets in the country.” Harry Rosen.

Rosen’s son is now running the company and he guesses the company will be expanding to the US market or entering the woman’s clothing business.


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