Spring is a fresh start for health

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Spring is officially here and for many people, having warm weather on its way it means it’s time to break out the running shoes and sportswear.

For students, taking advantage of the outdoors may be a beneficial alternative to gym memberships, as they get to be a little pricey.

With the winter blues are behind us the sidewalks of London are becoming full with more and more joggers and bikers.

 Fanshawe College student Celinah Carrier is an aspiring fitness consultant, working closely with the London community to promote a healthy lifestyle. Carrier says you should be considering spring as a blank slate and that anything is possible.

“Start small. Always start with something you know you can achieve, not something where you are reaching for the stars”

 Carrier says by starting small you avoid discouraging yourself.

“Bring your goal down a little bit, and achieve that first. Then move your goal a little higher. Sooner or later you’ll achieve the big goal that was reaching for the stars”

Carrier adds for students, with exams near it’s common to feel overwhelmed with stress and obligations. Staying active is a great way to clear your mind when studying and working on assignments.


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