London’s film industry, benefits from city growth

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London's film industry, benefits from city growth

City hall changes in the Downtown area are going to be beneficial for different sectors in the city. One of them is the Filmmaking industry, new building and streets mean new locations to film and reasons to attract new projects. Fanshawe having a film making program plays a big role in the local scene. Program coordinator, Adamm Liley says London right now is more of a corporate video market but that might change within the next few years. However, Liley always recommends his students to move out of London if they want to work on big projects.

“I have to tell my students that there really isn’t a lot here, and they have to think about the larger Television film markets Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax. If they stay in London will be paying their bills working at corporate videos.” Adamm Liley

Fanshawe’s advance filmmaking program

Students learn about the process in the production of a movie/documentary and also the business end of the industry. When it comes to their production, students have to make documentaries and movies. The final product have the option to be played on Fanshawe Tv or local movie theaters.

“Student can also participate in any sort of film festival and also send their best project to our mini version of the Oscars, the year end ceremony . “Adamm Liley

Graduates of this program have opportunities in project management, marketing, or distribution. For more information visit Fanshawe’s website

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