First Nation Celebration at Fanshawe College

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First Nation Celebration at Fanshawe College

To many peoples surprise London is surrounded by 10 first Nations Communities within a 2 hour span. Today, The First Nations annual cultural event took place at Fanshawe College to celebrate student success.

Fanshawe’s First Nation program serves over 300 Metis and Inuit students, as well as many other First Nation communities around North America.

At the First Nations year end gathering there is Powwow style dancing competitions, door prizes, traditional drumming and aboriginal craft vendors. The event opens with the flag bearers carrying flags from all over, representing each community. The main flag is called eagle staff, covered in feathers and all natural elements. It is known as the “All Nations Flag”. Whether you are aboriginal or not, the flag represents everyone on earth which is called Turtle Island.

Once the flag bearers begin the opening ceremonies, they are followed by dancers to showcase their regalia. In other words, known as costumes.

Manager of The First Nations Centre, Kevin Lamure, says it’s important for the community to take part in the event.

     “Where we are physically located its important for non-native people or whatever generation native to be exposed to all the mini cultures of the first nations, known as the first people”

Lamure expressed his excitement about the days lineup, and emphasizes all are welcome

     “We have way more similarities than difference’s. It is about friendship, unity and everyone coming together for the celebration of the same belief which is student success”  He adds the event is all about friendship and unity.





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