Western denies ski and snowboard team

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Some Western Students are feeling disappointed to say the least, as they attempt to get a ski and snowboard team was denied.

Western has briefly told the group that they believe it’s unsafe, that they don’t have a facility at Western and they didn’t meet certain criteria, but the club believes Western rejected it due to the bad rep by the last team, two years ago. Club leader Chris Bueschleb says Western gave them a very short response explaining the actually reasons.

“The first email was quite brief, it just said we have certain requirements and you guys didn’t reach that so we can’t ratify you. We sent a second email back and they didn’t respond very quickly to be honest and we sent two more emails and they finally responded and said it to high risk as a club.”

This wasn’t a popular response to the team, as they say almost all other universities have one, while the school has a rock climbing club which is equally dangerous. He sees the new club as safe and that it meets the criteria the school says they didn’t.

“Part of our club wasn’t just skiing, in the fall and the spring we were going to do conditioning getting prepared for the preseason. We have facilities on campus such as the REC Centre.”

The club doesn’t understand why they are high risk, the idea is to get people interested in skiing for snowboarding out to enjoy the slopes.

The club has started a petition with 265 signatures. The goal is to get around 500 with anything more being a added bonus.


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