Spike in impaired driving across Ontario

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The OPP have released a startling stat over the past 30 days.

They have laid more than 180 impaired related criminal driving charges.

OPP Sergeant Dave Rektor says this isn’t just a police problem, it’s society’s problem.

“People who let people drink and drive aren’t criminally responsible they have a part to play in this. If your the host of the party you make sure everyone is sober when leaving your party, if someone has consumed alcohol you get out of that vehicle, turn over the keys.”

Director of Media at MADD London, Christine Taleski explains two ways she hopes to see come into effect with dealing with impaired driving.

“Random breathe testing and greater consequences when there are ¬†impaired driving crashes particularly with crashes causing death.”

Most of the charges ended with collisions with some drivers registering more than three to four times the legal limit.


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