Colonel Chris Hadfield speaks at Fanshawe hangar

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Colonel Chris Hadfield speaks at Fanshawe hangar

Colonel Chris Hadfield was in London Thursday. The retired astronaut was one of 3 keynote speakers at the OCCCIO conference that focuses on information technology and social media.

Colonel Hadfield spoke at the London International Airport in the Fanshawe Hangar. The Hangar played host to an evening Gala that was centered around his speech

“I didn’t have to keep [my experience] to myself, I could take the wonder of the human experience that was going on around me and, in real time, share it with anyone who was interested” Says Colonel Hadfield, speaking about his mission on board the International Space Station. Hadfield was Commander of the ISS for 5 months and adds that it was new technology that helped him share his experience

“the result was enormous, tens of millions of people came on board with us, which I think is the way it ought to be”

Other Keynote speakers who are attending the 3 day Conference are Scott Stratten, President of Unmarketing, and Dr. Gerard Puccio, a professor at the International Centre for Studies in Creativity

Currently, Colonel Hadfield works at the University of Waterloo as a professor of aviation

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