London Police name new Deputy Chief

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London Police name new Deputy Chief

London Police have named their new Deputy Chief of Police. Daryl Longworth, from Woodstock Police will take over for Brent Shea, who’s retiring in July.

Deputy Chief Longworth has served as a police officer for 23 years with both Halton Regional Police and the Woodstock Police Service.

He’s excited moving to London Police and is looking forward to getting to know the community.

“Getting out from behind my desk and seeking them out in their work environment. Not just looking over their shoulder, but being interested in what they do and how we can make it better.”

Deputy Chief Longworth has served in front line patrol, Criminal Investigations, Drug Enforcement, Criminal Intelligence, Undercover Operations and the Emergency Response Team.   He has held the ranks of Sergeant, Staff Sergeant and Inspector. He has been Deputy Chief with Woodstock since 2009.

With Woodstock Police, Longworth became the Deputy Chief in the midst of the Tori Stafford case. He talked a little bit about the toll that kind of case can have on an officer.

“Those type of investigations have an ability to touch us as individuals. We’re police officers but we’re human beings. For myself and other officers involved in this case or ones of that magnitude, it’s difficult. It takes a toll emotionally and mentally. Now that I am in that leadership role, I’m very cognitive of my need to look after the members in the organization to make sure they have the resources in place and the help should they require it. Like I said, we are human beings.”

Deputy Chief Longworth also serves on many groups including the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Youth Committee, Substance Abuse Committee, and Innovation Working Group. He is the Zone Director for OACP’s Zone 4.  He has previously served as a member of the Executive for the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario and received a number of awards in relation to drug enforcement and Outlaw Motorcycle gang investigations.

He is keen on doing community work as well. He wants to ensure that the police works with the community.

“Engage our policing partners across the province, the community, the school and the churches so we can build a close knit community. This makes it difficult for criminal enterprises to operate.”

Longworth has a lot of education background which includes being a graduate of Conestoga College; The Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto and FBI National Academy. He is a Level III Certified Municipal Manager and is currently working on his Bachelor of Professional Arts through Athabasca University.

He is also very passionate for young people. Since London is home to thousands of post-secondary students, he says communication and respect from both police and the students will go a long way.

“Reach out to them, meet with them and build a relationship with them before bad things happen. Look at prevention because I’m sure they’re happy to keep everyone safe and healthy as much as we are.

Deputy Chief Longworth was born and raised in Woodstock.  He is married to his wife, Mary and has seven children ranging in ages of 21 to 8.  He will join London Police on October 5th.

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