City of London inside workers hit picket lines on Monday

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City of London inside workers hit picket lines on Monday

For the first time in 36 years, inside city workers are going on strike

CUPE Local 101’s 750 workers will hit the picket lines Monday.

Inside workers are responsible for different jobs including; social services, bylaw enforcement, building inspections, and business licenses.

The City asked for an extension for the strike deadline although, that did not happen.

Mayor Matt Brown says the bargaining process takes time.

“Successful negotiations take time. Successful negotiations take patience and they take a willingness to reach an agreement.”

Although specific details cannot be discussed, the city says the latest offer included wage increases each year and improvements to employee benefits.

Mayor Brown says he is disappointed.

“For our community, for our organization and for all of our staff. We did not need to be in this position today.”

Brown says he will cross the picket lines Monday morning.

“I am the Mayor of the City of London. I have responsibility to lead this city. I have important work and I intend to show up Monday.”

CUPE Local 101 President, Shelley Navarroli, says the city pushed them away.

“Once again, this employer has shown that they have no intention to bargain, but to push our members on the picket line. We had given them an extension because it was clear that the City’s decision makers were not listening to our message of ‘No Concessions’ told to the City representatives at the bargaining table. We wanted them to have a chance to review their own unreasonable position and be prepared to bargain, but yet again it was the same pattern of no decision makers at the table but plenty of concession demands.”

She says that it’s on the City’s decision makers that will cause the city to suffer.

“Unfortunately, it is the community that our members serve that will suffer, because of management’s tactics. The City’s decision makers, who have been hiding for months, will now have to answer to the residents and businesses whose lives and livelihood will be affected by their disrespect for our members and the services they provide.”

The city does have plans to ensure the city can run as smoothly as possible.

City staff say many areas will be reduced but ensure all necessity services will get done. Hours will be reduced in some areas and they’re warning residents of delays.

More information on the hours will be on the City’s website.

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