A digital footprint is forever

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A digital footprint is forever

You should think twice before e-mailing your professor or employer.

The introduction of advanced technologies has made it difficult for students to maintain a professional online profile.

Business professor at Fanshawe, Dr. David McKenna, explains why the expectation of online professionalism exists.

“We all work on and off the internet. Business to business transactions- we move money around on the internet. Everything is on the internet. Now, we have all of this social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. That is how people talk now.”

McKenna adds that these social media websites could be the gateway to transitioning the paper resume to the online resume. Therefore, he suggests that maintaining an approachable online character is dire for the future.

“Think before you speak and think before you type something onto the internet because it is there forever. Someone could search that in 100 years and pull out that information.”

These numerous online platforms have made it easier for employers to contact employees.

McKenna says it is as easy as the touch of a button.

“30 years ago we did not have computers on our hips. We did not have access to the internet. All day long, my phone is going off and I am texting or e-mailing somebody or looking something up on the internet. That did not exist.”

He reminds job-seekers that an online portfolio may be the first thing an employer could check.

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